AgeRich is like any business, we offer a service to clients for a fee.  However, this unique makeover experience is captured for our Audio Visual Podcast Show. 

Why? We wanted to share the process, so women 40+ will be inspired to do the same. In fact having you publicly share your journey, will not only increase the impact of your transformation, it will get your personal brand out there immediately! You’ll be a shining star in your Village.


Mrs V will host and facilitate The Makeover with various regular and guest experts. To be a client you will need to apply and once accepted, we give you your unique quote to have your makeover either ON the show or OFF the show. 


The Makeover includes a Personal and/or business rebrand, a Quantum Reset, + Astrology reading Resulting in a new branded website to use for your career or business, feeling transformed!


The entire process takes between 6-8 weeks with at least 2 sessions every week required from the client at a time convenient for all. After the final production and editing is completed, it will be aired in 2022 on our social channels.


We will be capturing the sessions via Zoom or at the AgeRich Studio. We therefore can work with clients from all over the world. For those available in Sydney, Australia, we can do some of sessions and photography in person. 

The steps below are an indicative guide of the process The Makeover Experience will follow. The order may shift to suit what we feel works best for the client. In addition, every expert on our team will be interviewed for the show version before and after each session or treatment to capture responses. The client will also be capturing their own journey throughout The Makeover Experience on video for the show and for social media.

Step One

Personal Brand Sessions

In a Personal Brand sessions, Scarlett Vespa’s goal is to facilitate a life audit and design a personal and professional goal that is an alchemy of purpose and practicality. Deep diving into your past, present and future helps her gather insights into your drivers, your blocks and any consistent challenges that may still be affecting your desired outcomes.  This first step is when Scarlett sets your internal and external transformation on its path. You will feel excited and inspired as we start the journey of The Makeover Experience.

Step Two

The Family/Friends Insight

A great way to see further into your life is to speak to a friend and family member. It is an important step for us to hear from those close to you and invaluable for the Team to get a quick insight into our clients life. Who they chose is also telling and also a great way for the audience to get to know you and ultimately CARE about your journey.

Step Three

Quantum Reset Sessions

In Teresa Brett’s ‘Reset’ Program is where we start to shift the internal conversation that creates a future in the Quantum field. ‘We are what we think!’, therefore if the story you tell yourself is negative, no matter how hard to try, success will elude you. This 3-Step Program which takes place over 3 sessions, will not only rewrite your future, but give you practical tools to ensure you stay on your path.

Step Four

An Expert's Opinion

Every client has a different story, a different challenge and a unique destiny. Here we speak to an expert that shares their opinion on a specific issue or block that the client may be experiencing. If they are having relationship issues, then we would be talking a ‘relationship coach’ to reveal some truths on why this is a common issue – this would be a ‘guest’ from our Village of experts!

Step Five

Astrology Session

Josephine Corcoran, Astrologer and Career Coach, believes that Astrology is the blueprint of your destiny. A session will not only reveal the why to your purpose but the how to get there. Having this insight into your life will explain some past experiences and pave the way to the future. This moment will bring all the missing pieces together.

Step Six

Team Session

Our Team comes together to discuss their findings and how it’s going in order to get feedback from others to help them, HELP our client. Another part to this session, is that the team may have challenges that run in parallel to their client’s. This can happen to coaches and especially healers, as both parties attract the right person to grow together in the journey they’ll share.

Spiritual Guidance

Nancy Valentine Smith, Ancient Wisdom Facilitator will share with us her overview on our client’s situation and then cut any old connections to past lives that are holding you back. Nancy will also share with the team (and the audience) how their current state of being is interacting with the present energies happening in the world. 

Step Seven

The Digital Creation of You!

Meanwhile, Mrs V™ and her team have been busy creating a digital expression of our clients vision and brand by building a website complete with logo, tag line and brand guide.  Mrs V has also provided photography and styling either by doing it herself or a guided session if in another part of the world. This ensures that the makeover is from the inside out. 

Step Eight

The AgeRich™ Makeover Reveal!

This exciting final step is where Mrs V and the village team gather with our client and their friends and family to enjoy the AgeRich – The Makeover reveal. 

We discuss the changes, the difference and the learning from the journey.

If you are feeling excited and feel like you are ready to show the world how AgeRich you are, then please reach out to apply below. Scarlett Vespa will help answer any questions you may have and help you start the application process. 

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