Love Remedy with Donna Barnes

Donna Barnes Love Coach & Matchmaker Donna Barnes has been in the business of love and matchmaking for over 30 years and bringing those insights and LOVE REMEDIES is such a treat! I thought I knew alot about love, but […]

Leaders Remedy with Carrie Benedet

Carrie Benedet Global Leadership Coach GOOD leadership is an ingredient we all need in our life. Whether it’s at work, at home or with yourself – don’t dismiss yourself as a leader – we all need to know how to […]

Artist Remedy with Tim Olsen

Tim Olsen Director Olsen Gallery & Author Tim is now Author of a best selling book ‘Son of the Brush’ . I loved hearing Tim’s Remedy for Artists – you can see why being author was a natural next step!  Art […]

Ageism Remedy with Anne Miles

Anne Miles Founder Suits & Sneakers Annie Miles has had a rich experience in marketing, awarded business woman and Founder of Suits and Sneakers, a platform to find your next contractor. Her candid, yet approachable personality, is refreshingly authentic for […]

Mum Remedy with my Sister – Paula Punch

Paula Punch Fashion Designer + Singer/Songwriter My sister, Paula Punch has a rich experience in fashion and retail, along with her singer songwriting skills. Her passion for music has led to her recently launching an album and regularly gigging in […]

Career Remedy with Josephine Corcoran

Josephine Corcoran Stella Alchemist | Holistic Executive Coach & Astrologer Josephine Corcoran rich experience in holistic executive coaching with corporate organisations and individuals, gives us a rich point of view on career change and how to navigate using your natural […]